Therapy Series


Reflexology massage to balance imbalanced state, replenish body to have the ultimate energy.

Good for people who have poor Qi and blood circulation and always feel tired.


【Therapy content】

10 minutes Aroma shower,50 minutes Meridian Massage


Focus on poor circulation, cold limbs, and indigestion. By relative message, we can feel the warmth of Qi, joy of the nature, and inner calm and harmony.

Good for: people who have quick emotional ups and downs and overly imbalanced.

【Therapy content】

 10 minutes Aroma shower, 80 minutes Meridian Massage



Focus on relaxing the whole body, alleviate imbalanced and overly emotions to prevent sickness and body pains.

The treatment utilizes massage circulation to achieve balanced body and mind, nourish the psychosomatic deficiency, and calm and free our body, mind, and soul.


Good for: people who have dizziness, lazy mind and body, tiredness, and no energy.

【Therapy content】

10minutes Aroma shower, 110 minutes Meridian Massage




Need to purchase any one of the major treatment, can choose multiple major treatments from above.