Public hot spring

Public Hot Spring

Standing at 9 meters is the central garden where bamboo screens acts as dividers. Incorporated inside are hot spring pools, cold water pools, ice water pools, saunas, steam rooms, stone flooring baths and resting zones. The area is spacious with extensive views and a charming atmosphere surrounded by nature and mist.

  • Weekdays : NT$1,600/person
  • Weekends : NT$1,800/person

The Public Springs are divided into public male and female pools, each is intricately designed. The pools are alternated everyday allowing different experiences for guests where the white sulfuric springs can wash away inner impurities.

  • Opening Hours : 07:00-23:00 (Last entry 22:30)
    Jan.- May. ,2024
    Oct.- Dec. ,2024
    Jun.- Sep. ,2024 
    Regular rest from 23:00PM to 01:00AM on the 1st and the 3rd Mondays of a month.Regular rest from 07:00AM to 15:00PM on the 1st and the 3rd Mondays of a month. (6/3、6/17、7/1、7/15、8/5、8/19、9/2、9/16)
  • 4 hours for use (single entry)
  • Male and female Naturist Spring alternates daily.
  • Due to safety considerations, only guests above 12 years old are allowed to get in.
  • For all guests privacy, please do not use electronic product in public hot spring area.
  • Our hot spring is nude, please do not wear the swimsuit.
  • Public hot spring are not available for reservations. The maximum capacity for on-site use is 30 people, and the 31st person will need to register on-site for a waiting list.
  • No outside food allowed.


hot springs/ cold springs/ Ganbanyoku/ sauna / steam room / shower


Mineral water/ 「Liyang SPA」 body and facial bathing collection/ hairdryer/ magazines/ tea bag/ soft drinks/ coffee/ apples/ snacks

October-April-First and third Monday of every month after 11PM are closed for maintenance.
May-September-First and third Monday of every month from 7AM to 3PM are closed for maintenance.

2024 Spring/Summer One day trip Package
【Public Hot Spring Announcement】
Our response to COVID-19
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