Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine, surrounded on 3 sides by the mountains, offers mellow sceneries throughout the day under a bright clear sky in the day preceding the moon and the stars at night. Endowed with oriental philosophy and charming beauty, the octagonal pillar in the middle of the restaurant coupled with the mountain sakuras outside add to the elegant and munificent ambience of Chinese Cuisine.


 Under the guidance of the master chef, who combines unique creativity and excellent skills, the original texture of the local fishing and agricultural products are retained, allowing traditional Chinese cuisine to exhibit brand new thoughts and outlooks with dish after dish of flavorful, aesthetically pleasing and fragrant delicacies being conjured for a delightful feast.

2024 Spring/Summer One day trip Package
【Restaurant Announcement】
The 【Chinese Cuisine】 restaurant has been nominated by the “MICHELIN Guide Taiwan 2023”.